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Thank you for your interest in applying with the Slidell Police Department. Please know the hiring process is very thorough and can take several months. On this web page, we hope to answer all of your questions and give you a realistic preview of what the process entails.

If you have any additional questions please email the City of Slidell Human Resources Department at 


· Be a United States Citizen

· 20 Years of Age or Older

· Have a minimum of a high school diploma

· Be of good moral character

· Possess a valid Louisiana Driver’s License

· Pass a written examination with a competitive score

· Undergo a physical agility test, including a drug screen

· Pass an extensive background check, including a polygraph examination

· Pass an oral interview

· Pass a psychological and medical examination

· Successfully complete the Slidell Regional Training Academy and Field Training Program




· Annual leave

· Sick leave

· Life Insurance 100% paid by city

· Excellent retirement benefits. Fully vest at 12 years. Click here for retirement handbook.

· Medical Insurance 75% paid by city

· Long-term disability 100% paid by city

· 15 paid holidays per year, including birthday

· Uniform allowance ($100/month)

· Yearly raises based on years of service ($500/additional per each year of service served with the Slidell Police Department)

· Degree Incentive Pay: Associates - $500/additional per year, Bachelors - $1,000/ additional per year, and Master's Degree - $2,000/additional per year. 

· Take home vehicle, including off duty use ($50/month fee)

· $3,000/month as a Police Officer 3rd Class (While in Academy)

· $3,500/month as a Police Officer 3rd Class (Including State Pay)

· $4,017/month after 5 years of service (Including State Pay, Years of Service and Police Officer 2nd Class Promotion)

· $4,475/month after 10 years of service (Including State Pay, Years of Service, and Police Officer 1st Class Promotion)

· Prior law enforcement experience may make you eligible for Police Officer 1st Class based off of training, years of service, and training/educational certificates. Please contact personnel director for more information and rate of pay.

· Officers have the opportunity to earn overtime and work off-duty details.


1 – Civil Service Test

· The test is part video, part written. There is no study guide.

· Examination takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

· All test materials, including pencils and paper, will be provided.

· Use of calculators, dictionaries, or any other examination aid is strictly prohibited. Please do not bring any such items to the examination.

· A minimum score of 70% is required on the video/written portion of the exam in order to proceed to the physical fitness portion of the test.


2 – Physical Fitness Test

*Applicants for Criminal Patrol ONLY

· The test will be held at the Slidell Regional Police Academy, located at Camp Villere. The test will consist of an agility course.

· A completed medical certification is required at the test site in order to take the Physical Fitness Test (form will be provided).

· To pass the Physical Fitness test you must achieve at least 20% in your age bracket for each test. If you are P.O.S.T. certified the minimum requirement is 30% in your age bracket.  If you do not pass the Physical Fitness test, you will be allowed to retest the next available testing date but will be required to take all tests over again.


3 – Background / Information Packet

· After successful completion of the Physical Fitness Test, you will be sent an information packet, which you will be required to complete and return within two weeks to the Civil Service Personnel Office. Only those applicants who complete and return all the documents in a timely manner will be considered for employment as a police officer.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


These documents will be used in connection with an extensive background check on the information you provide.


Applicants who pass the Police Officer Civil Service Written exam and the Physical Fitness Test will be required to furnish the following documents for a background investigation:


1. Birth Certificate

2. Valid Driver’s License

3. High School Diploma or GED Certificate

4. High School Transcripts

5. College Diploma (If Applicable)

6. College Transcripts (If Applicable)

7. Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)

8. Dissolution of Marriage Papers (If Applicable)

9. Military Discharge Papers (If Applicable)

10. Social Security Card

11. Proof of Automobile Insurance

12. Credit Report


In addition, applicants will also be required to list:


1. Residences for the past ten (10) years.

2. Names and addresses of relatives (brothers, sisters, and/or in-laws).

3. Names and locations of all schools attended (including grammar, junior high, high school, trade or vocational, and college or university.

4. Complete work history.


4 – Oral Interview

· The Slidell Police Department will contact you according to your placement on the eligibility list to schedule a Structured Oral Interview. High-ranking police officers conduct the interview.  The interview questions pertain to interpersonal skills, oral communication, and decision-making.

5 – Extensive Background Check


6 – Polygraph Examination 


7 – Psychological Examination


8 – Physical Examination 


9 – Successfully complete the Slidell Regional Police Academy and Field Training 

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